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Terms and Conditions

By using First Paige Form 1 services you acknowledge that the Terms and Conditions may be varied from time to time. Notice of any variations to these Terms and Conditions will be sent to you via email and will also be updated on First Paige Form 1 website.  We request that you read any updates of Terms and Conditions emailed to you and acknowledge receipt of any changes or updates.  All Terms and Conditions, including the updates, will be binding on you.

Payment for Service

Payment for services is within 14 days of receipt of an invoice.  Search costs may increase if additional searches are required.  Any increases will be reflected on the tax invoice provided upon the ordering of all mandatory searches as required under the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994.

First Paige Form 1 will contact the vendor on receiving an Authority Form to Act for the vendor in ordering the mandatory searches and completing the Form 1.  First Paige Form 1 will request credit card details and notify the vendor that the full payment will be taken out after 14 days from receipt of the tax invoice for payment, if not received prior.  All credit card details are kept secure and confidential and will be destroyed/removed after payment is received.

Refund Policy

Please check that all property details completed on the First Paige Form 1 authorisation form are correct before ordering the required Form 1.  If you cancel the Form 1 before it has been completed no preparation fee will be charged. The mandatory search costs will be the responsibility of the vendor, to be paid at the time of cancellation.  If the total cost of the Form 1 has been debited from your account or paid via credit card a refund for the preparation component of the Form 1 will be made within fourteen (14) days of cancellation.

Delivery of the Form 1

The Form 1 will be completed within one business day of obtaining all property statutory searches.  The agency and vendor will be sent a copy of the completed Form 1 via REI forms live for checking, First Paige Form 1 will sign Part D of the Form 1.  A copy of the Form 1 forwarded to the purchaser and vendor for signing via REI forms live using DocuSign once a residential contract has been signed and First Paige Form 1  has received instruction from the listing agent to serve the Form 1.

Responsibility, Liability & Warranty

First Paige Form 1 will not take responsibility for any Form 1 documents altered by the agency or vendor.  All updates or changes to the property details that may impact on the Form 1 must be given to First Paige Form 1. Any updates or changes to the Form 1 may incur additional costs. 

Preparation of the Form 1 is subject to First Paige Form 1 receiving full searches for the property along with the completed signed Vendor questionnaire.  All additional information regarding the property is to be completed to the best of your knowledge. All documents required to be completed will be emailed to you as the vendor for completion to be returned to admin@firstpaigeform1.com

It is the responsibility of the vendor to provide accurate details regarding the property.  Any errors made on the vendor questionnaire must be brought to the attention of First Paige Form 1 as soon as possible, First Paige Form 1 will not be responsible for any errors on the Form 1 due to incorrect information provided by the vendor.

First Paige Form 1 will order Council, Strata and Community searches upon receipt of the vendors instruction to act for them.  Searches may take up to 7 - 8 working days.  It is important to note that some Councils no longer offer an urgent search request.  First Paige Form 1 will communicate with the vendor and agent if there are any delays with any searches.

The Form 1 does not expire, however circumstance of the property may change, for example rates in the new financial year, and it is recommended that agents request updates on the property if the Form 1 is over 90 days old.  First Paige Form 1 will check for updates prior to serving the Form 1 on a purchaser and communicate any issues, if any with the agent.

First Paige Form 1 will not take responsibility for the liability or accuracy of any Form 1's severed on the purchaser where the Part D of the Form 1 has not been signed by First Paige Form 1 and signed by the licensed land agent or agent.  

Privacy Policy

First Paige Form 1 adhere to the private sector provisions in the Privacy Act 1998, supported by the Real Estate Institute.